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Virtual CRC Race Day

FSAT would like to introduce the very important initiatives organized by the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) that we will be supporting. The CRC is a non-profit organization that aims to tackle horrific global sex crimes by tracking child predators who distribute and produce child sexual abuse material. The pain and trauma that these children go through is unimaginable and is not something far from home. The Philippines is considered one of the global centres for child sexual abuse material and in 2015, the Philippines has reported 5000 cases of this material's production and distribution. More recently, the CRC has seen a disturbing surge in the online distribution of child sexual abuse. We must act now. 


FSAT will be supporting the CRC through two initiatives: The CRC’s Virtual Race and their Campus Initiative Movement which allows us to open our own fundraiser page on their website.

To further educate yourself on this issue, please visit and watch the VICE documentary “Inside the Fight Against Online Child Sex Abuse” which specifically covers the severit of this issue in the Philippines.

Join the Conversation !

Join FSAT in CRC’s Virtual Race on August 23rd! You can run, walk, bike, swim, dance or even do yard work! Anything that gets your heart pumping is eligible for this event! 


How to register:

  • Follow this link to fill out our google form to register!

  • Fees: 

  • Once registered, we will give you access to your account so that you can set up your device to track your steps! 

  • On race day, record a video of yourself engaging in your preferred form of exercise which will be posted onto our Instagram!       

FSAT asks that you please consider participating in this event or donating to our fundraiser page to help support the innocent children in the Philippines and all over the world who are suffering from suffering horrific sexual abuse that is being distributed online. 


If you are unable to donate, please share this initiative and help us bring awareness to this global issue that tends to go unnoticed and yet, has been horrifically increasing especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every dollar counts and we would be so grateful to have you as a part of the solution!

If you prefer not registering for the event, you can still support the CRC and child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation by donating to our fundraiser page on the CRC website! If you are participating in the event and you would like to make an extra donation, please donate here! 


If you do not have access to a credit card don’t worry you can still help! E-transfer the amount you would like to donate to and we will donate on your behalf! 


Follow this link to visit our fundraiser page on the CRC website!


Who are we Supporting?

We are supporting the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) and the world who are the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. The CRC is a non-profit organization that aims to tackle horrific global sex crimes by tracking child predators who distribute and produce sexual abuse material by collaborating with child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, child welfare agencies and donors (you) in order to rescue child victims. The CRC also strives to bring awareness to online sexual exploitation and abuse of children.


How Does the CRC Help?

​Data Collection: Everyday, the CRC collects 30 to 50 million reports of online child predators who are trading child sexual abuse material. This information allows CRC to expose hidden networks of abusers and report their activity. This data is then provided to local law enforcement agencies to assist in tracking, arresting and prosecuting child predators worldwide often without having to put children through the trauma of testifying in court. 

Technology: The CRC specifically provides their Child Protection System (CPS) Technology to their collaborators. This technology allows for the most comprehensive view of where child predators around the world are downloading and sharing child sexual abuse material online (commonly known as child pornography).


Where are our proceeds Going?

“Proceeds will enhance Child Rescue Coalition’s technological developments, increase law enforcement training, promote parental education and awareness and rescue thousands of children from sexual exploitation and abuse”.


The CPS technology by Child Rescue Coalition has saved more 2500 children from sexual abuse and exploitation and has allowed for the arrest of more than 12,000 child predators, but the fight isn’t over yet and there are still many children around the world being abused and exploited. Join FSAT and together let’s help save the thousands of children who are still enduring this unimaginable reality. 

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