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Founded in 2005, the Filipino Students' Association of Toronto (FSAT) was established at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus under the original name: Filipino Association of Toronto. Made up of student and alumni volunteers, FSAT organizes different events to create a comfortable and culturally immersive environment for Filipinx, as well as other interested non-Filipinx, students.

Our Story


FAM: Filipino Appreciation Month

FAM, formerly known as Filipino Awareness Week and Filipino Appreciation Week, is held annually throughout the course of January. Students are invited to celebrate Filipinx culture and traditions from Kamayans to Baybayin Paint Nights. The month concludes with a talent night showcasing the creative brilliance within our community.


Tinikling Workshops

FSAT invites its members to weekly Tinikling practices, a traditional Philippine folk dance. The choreography has been passed on over the years by past alumni, drawing inspiration from Philippine tradition, as well as modern song and dance. At the end of the year, the final piece is performed at our annual talent night, bringing the festivities to a close.


Halo Halo-Ween

Food brings all people together. Every year, FSAT celebrates its culture and heritage by serving Halo Halo, a quintessential Filipino dessert made of crushed ice, milk and a variety of toppings, on Halloween. The event allows individuals to leisurely explore Filipino traditions in a familiar environment -- creating the perfect amalgamation of Filipino and Canadian culture. 

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