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Operation: Tulong

On Oct 23, Oct 26, and Nov 8, three different typhons were formed and made its way to the Philippines, Typhoon Quinta (Molave), Typhoon Rolly (Goni) and Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco), respectively. Spanning from late October to early November, the numerous reports of agricultural damages as well as causalities have been overwhelmingly high. Governmental, private and international responses have been executed, but they are not without their criticisms.​

We would like to announce the opening of our fundraiser for the victims of the devastating typhoons that have struck the Philippines. This fundraiser will be open from now until January 31st 2021. All donations are being accepted via e-transfer to our co-president Sofia Suarez who is currently in the Philippines and will be donating to our beneficiaries on your behalf.

We will be donating to the Marede organization, which is based in one of the most affected areas of the Philippines (Cagayan). They will be creating relief packages containing food and toiletries to distribute this holiday season. One demographic that we will be supporting in this effort are the indigenous Aeta people of the Philippines who were also greatly affected by the typhoon due to the numerous injustices they face as indigenous people on their own land causing majority to be in poverty.

Lastly, we will also be donating to Pagasa PH who will be creating rebuilding packs to help restore damaged homes. To learn more about our beneficiaries and how you can enter our raffle, please refer to the images attached.

To raise money for these beneficiaries, we have opened a raffle and if you donate $5, you will automatically receive 1 raffle ticket. $10 = 2 raffle tickets etc. Prizes you can win include a $20 amazon gift card, a charging station, a bamboo laptop fan/stand or wireless beats headphones! If you would not like to enter our raffle, you can still donate and even just a dollar would make such a huge impact.

Please consider donating and help us spread the word. We would appreciate it very much. Thank you for reading this message and we wish you all the best this holiday season


Where are our Proceeds Going?

FSAT will be donating to two beneficiaries: Marede Organization and Pagasa PH.

Marede organization is based in St. Ana Cagayan and will be providing relief packages this holiday season to 175 families in Lasam Cagayan. We will be supporting various communities including the Aeta indigenous group in the area. Aetas are one of the country’s indigenous peoples and are one of the earliest known inhabitants of the Philippines. The Aetas experience many injustices on their own land and they need our support more than ever.

PagasaPH is another organization based in the Philippines and the money raised will go towards current relief operations as well as future rebuilding projects.


How do I enter the Raffle?

From today until December 19th 2020, we will be hosting a raffle! Scroll to see the prizes you can win! $5 = 1 ticket, $10 = 2 tickets etc. Money raised from our raffle will be donated to Marede organization to support their next wave of relief packing and distribution this holiday season.

After the raffle ends, our fundraiser will remain open for donations to Pagasa PH. Stay tuned for other initiatives as FSAT will host more opportunities to donate this winter break!

From now until January 31, 2021, we will be accepting all donations via etransfer:*

*Please make the e-transfer password: Fsat123 and send us an email after you have donated to receive your receipt.


Update: Marede Organization

Thank you to all who have donated and supported our fundraiser so far! Together, we were able to provide blankets, canned goods, rice, clothes, etc. to 25 Indigenous Filipino Aeta families in Marede, Cagayan and 150 families in Lasam, Cagayan. 

Thank you so much again to everyone who has donated and supported us, and a special thank you to Marede Organization for the amazing work that they have done.

FSAT asks that you please consider participating in this event or donating to our fundraiser page to help support those who have been affected by the devastating typhoons. 

If you are unable to donate, please share this initiative and help us support and provide relief goods to those who need it most. Every dollar counts and we would be so grateful to have you as a part of this initiative!

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