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TAG101H1-Y: Introductory Tagalog

This year, we are proud to announce the return of FSAT's monthly Tagalog classes. We introduce to you TAG101H1-Y: Introductory Tagalog!

This initiative is brought to you by our Co-education and Philanthropy Coordinators:
Jann and Emiliana!

Filipino is one of the two official languages of the Philippines. TAG101H1-Y intends to not only teach Filipino to the community, but also to provide an environment where students can practice, improve and polish their Filipino language abilities! From our September session, we learned about the basics of travelling to the PH, conversing with friends and when attending family gatherings! We reviewed the various synonyms, antonyms, and notorious prefixes. But wait, there is more pa!

In our most recent session, we had the honour of having research assistants from the HLVC Project come to speak about their linguistics research! Building on the last session, we were introduced to different Filipino nouns, verbs, conjugations, and pronouns!

Interested in learning more? Visit us at our official TAG101 Instagram Page


Tagalog Class #2 HVLC Collab_edited.jpg


As we return to in-person classes on campus, we are also happy to announce that our Tagalog classes will now take place IN-PERSON!

Like all other courses here at the university, students can signup for the course either here, or the link in our Instagram bio's Linktree. Unlike most of your U of T courses however, this class will be taught by your co-ed coordinators! Also, this class is open for ALL Filipinx students, from U of T or otherwise!

Note that TAG101 won't be a formal classroom style class but rather an informal and chill Tagalog session where we play many fun games while learning Tagalog.

Interested? The deadline to signup up for this month's class will be announced sometime in January. For further details, check out FSAT's main Instagram page 

Reach out to us via IG or email if you have any questions!


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