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The Linangin Mentorship

The Manangan Mentorship Program is meant to facilitate Ate/Kuya relationships among mentors (3rd+ years) and mentees (1st/2nd years) who share the same faculty/program and/or interests. As Filipinx students within UofT, our experience will provide a unique perspective that can help support others both socially and academically during the upcoming 2021-2022 school year especially in the midst of COVID-19.


What are we looking for in a Mentor?

Our mentors will be expected to exemplify the altruistic behaviour innate to our Filipino culture by forming Ate/Kuya relationships with their assigned first/second year mentees


From September to the end of March, mentors will commit to reaching out to their mentees several times a month, either virtually or in-person, and will report the progress of their dynamic through monthly reflections. Our expectation is for the chosen mentors to be a guide and friend, helping their mentees navigate through these unprecedented times of their university journeys and find a sense of belonging in our Filipinx community. Mentors are by no means expected to counsel or tutor their mentees if they are not comfortable doing so and will be provided resources to offer their mentees as necessary.


Our program is a good opportunity for mentors to heighten their attentiveness towards others and to relay the wisdom they have acquired through their own university journeys to benefit someone else. Moreover, other than the rewarding experience this mentorship program will bring, there is also an opportunity to receive co-curricular recognition for active participation.

Our mentees will embark in cultivating genuine Ate/Kuya relationships with mentors assigned to them based on shared academic interests and personal hobbies/interests.
Mentees can freely reach out to their mentors at any point during the program, from September to the end of March, and will be expected to complete monthly reflections which track the progressive dynamic between the pairings. Methods of communication are entirely decided by the paired mentee and mentor.
We expect chosen mentees to recognize the advantages of having a mentor and utilize them to receive insight about their shared program/faculty, be introduced to various university and community resources, and connect with the  Filipinx community at UofT. Mentees should expect both academic and social support from their mentors, however, they are by no means expected to complete school work or  handle situations they have expressed discomfort towards.
Our program will allow mentees to develop their interpersonal skills and connect with an upper-year student they can confide in when going through challenges this school year. The mentorship program will truly be a gratifying experience not worth missing and  co-curricular recognition can be gained upon proper participation. 


What are we looking for in a Mentee?

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