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Hi there!

Thank you for clicking on this page! Now you're probably thinking, "Wait, FSAT has a blog?!", well the answer to that is a big YES or OO (yes in tagalog). This is a brand new project FSAT has been working on for you all and we are so excited to finally be launching it! So, welcome to Kwentuhan: An FSAT Blog.


Here on this blog, we will be working hard to create fun, enjoyable and valuable content for you. Specifically, in the upcoming year, you will find blog posts on Filipino food recipes, university life, study tips, cultural content and much much more. This is not something you want to miss!

Now what exactly does "kwentuhan" mean?






Kwentuhan is the Tagalog word for story telling or to chit-chat together! Whether it be from Filipino culture, history and recipes to even our content creators' tips and experiences, everything has a story. These stories serve as the inspiration for each blog post written which we would love to share those with you through Kwentuhan and we hope that through each read, it feels as if you're right here chatting with us! 

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Goals of Kwentuhan

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1. With story telling and conversations comes a feeling of connectedness and that is something we hope to create with our readers, especially during this time of the pandemic. Although the pandemic has brought us physically apart, Kwentuhan will serve as a little place where we can still remain connected together virtually through each blog post written. 


2. We hope that each post can be relatable, valuable and enjoyable to you during this time all while making you feel connected to FSAT and overall, a community no matter where you are or where you're from. 


3. A story is the muse to inspiration and we hope that with Kwentuhan, inspiration blossoms within you to experiment, try new things and bring forth your art into the world!


Whether this is your first or one hundredth time with FSAT, we welcome you all with open arms into our community. We hope that this blog serves as a little place for you to learn, feel inspired, and overall, just provide a little joy to your day, one blog post at a time.

Now read on and kwentuhan tayo (Let's chat)!




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